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Search through many businesses listed on Bizzpar, and you could find the one you're looking for today. Search from a variety of sectors, ranging from gyms and health clubs, to franchises and retail outlets. You can search using our search criteria, and narrow down the results to exactly what you want. Narrow results down to geographical location, the field in which the business should be, and even the exact name of a business you may be looking for.

If you're looking to sell your business, Bizzpar is the perfect place. With 1000s of visitors every month, your business will receive maximum exposure. What's more, we don't take any money from the sale of your business, unlike many other brokers. We just charge a small one off fee, and you also get one month's free membership to Bizzpar!

Find a business partner

Finding a new business partner can be a relatively new prospect for many people. However, if you do the right research, and find a good business partner, then you'll have found someone who will work just as hard as you, if not harder at your business, because it's also your business partner's business! At Bizzpar, you will receive all the help and support you need to make sure that this process is as smooth and trustworthy as possible.

Finding a business partner can have many advantages. For example, you have saved up some money, but the banks won't lend you the rest of the money for a new business venture. In this scenario, you can search for a business partner online, and find someone who has the same interest as you, and a level of investment to compliment yours. Then you share the profits of the business accordingly. So, if one person invested £60,000, and the other invested £60,000, then the percentage shares of the profit may be 50% and 50%. Once you find someone like this, then you have someone that cares for your business just as much as you, because they have also put in their hard earned money, and their hard work. It's like sharing a dream together with someone who cares just as much as you.

On Bizzpar, you can search through many profiles to find your ideal business partner now.

Find an Investor

If you have a great business idea, or a great business which you want to excel with some extra cash, then you can pitch it to investors who are interested. If you have tried raising the investment money through other means, and haven't been successful, then this is a good way to secure an investment.

In the majority of cases, you will also have found a great mentor/guide for your business as well, who can help you excel your business idea because of their experience and knowledge. In return, the investor may ask you for a percentage share in your business. At this point, it is up to you and the investor to negotiate the deal down to its more finer points. Once both parties are satisfied, then a contract can be signed, and the investment money will be injected into the business.

In order to secure investment, the first step is to create a business plan. Once the business plan is created, the next step is to send your potential business investor/s the business plan. If the business plan appeals to the investor, then the investor will get back to you and then you can have further discussions or meetings regarding your idea/s.