What are the benefits of joining Bizzpar?
Quite simply, bizzpar helps you to do one of 4 things;

1) Find Business Partners
2) Find investors
3) Buy or Sell businesses
4) Become an investor

Find Business Partners:
bizzpar helps you to find your perfect partner in any new business venture. You can set up meetings with your prospective partner/s, get to know each other, send messages to them, speak on the phone, and when you are confident that they are right for you, then you can work hard at a business you and your partner/s value, and share the profits in percentages that you decide. You can search through 1000s of profiles to find your perfect Biz partner!

Find Investors:
If you think you have a great business idea, you can present it to rich investors looking for good investments. You may not have an idea which is completely unique, but entrepreneurs are still interested in talented individuals with enthusiasm to invest in. You can search through many profiles to find your perfect investor now.

Buy/ Sell businesses:
Find your perfect business today, you can search through many businesses to find your ideal one, you do not need membership to do this. Alternatively, list your business for sale, to allow 1000s of visitors to see your add. Advertise from as little as £39.99. Your business will be listed for a full 6 months. To find out more, visit Buy/ Sell businesses.

Become an Investor:
Find the greatest business ideas, and best business potential in one place. New business ideas will arrive in your inbox from budding entrepreneurs as and when they are sent to you. Find your business potential, by joining the exclusive Investors lounge.

What’s the difference between Bronze, Silver and Gold membership?
The bronze membership is the basic package, the silver allows more functionality and the gold package is the highest allowing you to do the most number of things. The membership differences are illustrated clearly in the table below:


Bizzpar BRONZE

Bizzpar SILVER

Bizzpar GOLD

• Contact Members through the site
• Upload profile Pictures
• Contact unlimited business partners
• Save unique search criteria
• View member's contact details
• Contact unlimited Investors
• Add links to other web pages to your profile
• Search members for amounts below 250K
• Search members for amounts over 250K
• Search members for amounts over 500K
• Advertise 1 business for sale, free (silver business selling package)

How much does membership cost?


3 Months

6 Months

1 Year

• Bizzpar BRONZE
• Bizzpar SILVER
• Bizzpar GOLD

How do I become a member?

Just click on the membership option on the home page, and choose your investment package. Then, you will be taken to a secure payment page, just enter your card details. Once payment is received, you can create your profile, which will be viewable by 1000s of Bizzpar visitors.

Is payment secure?

Absolutely. The payment process for Bizzpar has been approved and has received a security certificate. This is a completely secure server, and a receipt will be e-mailed to you as soon as we receive payment.

How many ways are there of paying?

Once you have chosen your User ID, and password the fastest and most secure way of paying after this is with your credit or debit card online. You can also post a cheque to us if you wish, quoting your user ID on the envelope. You can also send us a demand draft, or postal order, all cheques/postal orders/ demand drafts should be mad payable to bizzpar Limited, and posted to the following address: bizzpar Limited, 12 Ribble Avenue, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 4NZ. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash at this point in time.

How can I trust potential business partners?

Bizzpar allows you to get to know your potential business partner/s as much as possible, before you sign a contract of agreement. We suggest that you have at least 3 meetings, and several phone conversations before you commit to anything. The reason for this, is that before partnering with someone, you should be completely confident in them before you trust them with your valuable time and effort. But once you do find the right business partner, they can be an asset for a very long time.

How can I trust potential investors?

The first step of pitching to a potential investor, is to send your potential business investor a short message to introduce yourself, and a brief clue of what your idea is about. If the investor is interested, then the investor will request a full business plan. You should then submit your idea to the investor. The message you send is your proof that you have sent that idea to that investor on that date.

We at Bizzpar suggest that you protect your idea as much as possible before you tell anyone. If your idea can be patented, then it is very important that you apply for a patent before you pitch to any investor. You can find more information about patents on the government’s Intellectual property website: www.ipo.gov.uk/patent

How can I pitch to potential investors?

If you have a business idea, the first step you should take, is create a business plan. Help on how to do this can be found near the top of the home page, or you can click here. Funnily enough, that isn’t the first step in pitching to investors. First, you need to send your potential business investor/s a Non-disclosure agreement, with your name on it, along with a short message to introduce yourself, and a brief clue of what your idea is about. The non-disclosure agreement will be filled in by the investor, with the investor’s name, and returned to you. This is your proof to say that your idea will not be “stolen” by the investor. You then have 7 days to submit your idea, this must be a brief summary of your business proposals and should be no more than 1000 words. If the investor thinks this is a viable business, then they may request a full business plan. At this stage you should submit your business plan, which is why it’s useful to have one ready beforehand. The investor will then review your business plan, and reply if they’re interested, the investor may even be kind enough to give you feedback on your plan. However this shouldn’t be expected all the time as investors may be receiving a lot of business plans to go through.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you have bought membership in a 3,6 or 12 package, then unfortunately we cannot refund your money. However, if you still wish to cancel you membership and remove your profile from the website, then this is possible. All you have to do, is send an e-mail to help@bizzpar.com and confirm your user ID, password and D.O.B. This is to help us verify your iddentity. Then we will cancel your membership within 3 working days.

If you are paying on a monthly basis and would like to stop our direct debits, then you can cancel at any time after the initial 3 month period. Just e-mail help@bizzpar.com and confirm your user ID, password and D.O.B. This is to help us verify your identity. Your direct debit and membership will be cancelled within 3 working days. Please note that this e-mail should be sent before the 24th of any month to stop the latest direct debit going out. This is because all direct debits are taken on the 24th of each month.

I have a complaint/Issue/Question

You can e-mail your comments to comment@bizzpar.com We will try our best to respond to your e-mail within 3 working days.